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One of Lulu’s initiatives is to record a new track, post it, and blog about it every week (circa Sunday).  Blogging allows us to share our thoughts and provide our audience with a sort of informal ‘artist statement’ on a track-to-track basis, which is every intellectual/pretentious musician’s dream.  It also does wonders for focusing our rehearsal time, since we have a clear goal for every week.

But most of all, the significance of this blog is to get you (the reader/listener) to share your feedback with us!  Do not hesitate to comment on our posted tracks, regardless of musical training/experience/knowledge; everybody is an expert of what they like/dislike and why, so please turn your brain insight-out and share your thoughts with us.     Sorry about the pun…

Open up The Refrigerator to sample our Sundaes (archive style)

Or click here to view all of the posts at once


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  1. hey! i was able to see the show at Lawrence University last weekend. It was sic-nasty!! keep up the good work!! great website. once i get a real job i am going to buy a shirt and some bumper stickers. all the best.

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