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Lulu’s Playground is made up of four old friends who hearken back to Lawrence University (LU – hence the name) in Appleton Wisconsin.

Greg Woodsbie: Though he is a recent convert to the instrument (it’s true, instruments are like seperate religions, or perhaps sects, ask an oboe player), Greg Woodsbie knows that the accordion is just the right mix of reeeeally dorky and moderately hip to satisfy him. Greg spends most of his time these days teaching piano to little kiddies. They are cute.

Evan Montgomery: After being abandoned by his parents in the wilderness at the tender age of 3 months old, Evan Montgomery was found and raised by a mountain lion with a rather pleasant disposition.  After passing into manhood, the mountain lion thought it might be a good idea for Evan to get an economics degree so he could make some real money and not live in a tree anymore.  He eventually made his way to Lawrence University where he met Greg, Cory, and Adam.  The music lasted, the economics didn’t.  The mixture of savagery and courteousness in his upbringing shows itself in his guitar playing, which can transition from lyrical to brutal at a moments notice.  Evan enjoys playing in Lulu’s Playground because it gives him an opportunity to explore weird sounds with his weird effects pedals and sing out of tune.  Evan is currently learning the luthier trade and playing guitar as much as possible.  Being a woodworker makes a lot of sense to him since he spent most of his childhood sitting in a tree next to a &$#%ing mountain lion.

Cory Grossman: Everybody loves the cello, and this young man has capitalized on this fact the only way he knows how: by playing the cello.  Cory’s instrument’s name is ‘Jerry Cello,’ which is a phonetic play on ‘Cherry Jello’ (yes, that’s the full depth of the joke).  This brown-haired Bachelor of Music spent high school focusing on Jazz and free improvisation, but upon attending Lawrence University those interests had to be pushed to the back burner, in order to complete a classical music degree.  So now, with degree in hand, Cory is able to pursue his love for improvised music, uninhibited – but – one of the common permanent side effects of a classical conservatory training is an undying and insatiable love for classical music.  ALAS!  ALACK!  Alaska?

Adam Meckler: Adam went to Lawrence too. And is half-way to getting a masters in classical trumpet from the University of MN. Weird since, you know, he only really plays the jazz. To Adam, the jazz is like the American Dream. Its romantic, and entrepreneurial, and involves suppressing people that don’t look like us. Because this is ‘merica people! We’re entitled to their land, and stuff. And women. JAZZ!  JASS! SASS! Sasquatch?


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